At Fellowship, our vision and our mission as a church comes from our Commission. Our commission flows from the Great Commission, which Jesus gives believers in Matthew 28, and is uniquely expressed in our context here at Fellowship, in our city, for our time. 

The five core convictions that make up our Commission, form our identity as a church, our plan for personal action individually, and our heart for Gospel Renewal in our city. 

These are the core convictions of the Commission of Fellowship Jonesboro.

Grace Changes Everything - Grace has a name, and His name is Jesus. Grace changes how we relate to God, see ourselves, and love the world. We believe Grace is big enough to change our city.

Love is our Highest Calling - We love because God first loved us. Because we have been loved extravagantly, we want to extravagantly love without distinctions and without conditions. 

People Matter to God - Because all people were created by God, all people matter to God. Every person has a story and every story matters to God. 

We All Have a Part to Play - We believe it is vital for every person to use their gifts and creativity for us to accomplish our mission as the church. Each one of us is needed. The church is to be the home of the deepest relationships, and the source of the greatest hope to the world. We all have a part to play.

God is Making Everything New - We believe the good news of Jesus addresses every form of brokenness in our city, so we: Pursue and Celebrate Racial Diversity, Labor for every orphan to find a home, actively care for the poor, and fight injustice in our city and the world.

Our Strategy

God has designed discipleship to find its home and strength in the local church.  Mission flows from the church and results in the church.  At Fellowship Jonesboro, we want to see disciples making disciples, churches planting churches, and the establishment of strategic partnerships with like-minded churches for the advancement of the Gospel.

Our Structure

We GATHER to encounter the presence and glory of God through the Gospel, and we SCATTER to spread the presence and glory of God through the Gospel.

When we Gather, our worship involves...

1) Biblical Expository Preaching - Preaching is central to our Gatherings.  The Bible sets the agenda.  This is not necessarily a line by line teaching through the Bible so much as letting the main idea of the text determine the main idea of the sermon.  This may mean we preach through a book of the Bible or occasionally preach over a topic such as 'Marriage & Parenting' or 'Financial Stewardship' that involves looking at what the Bible has to say about these issues.

2) Passionate Liturgical Worship - We want to have our Gatherings be shaped by the Gospel as much as possible.  This means each week we have a Call to Worship - Confession or Lament - Assurance - Benediction, which reflects the Gospel Narrative of Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration.  We sing loud upbeat, joyful songs as well as somber, reflective laments. In the midst of these movements, we sing, pray, and read scripture - often together out loud as a unified community speaking the Gospel to one another.  We also loosely follow the traditional church calendar which helps us remember important Christian themes such as Pentecost, Trinity, Advent, and Easter.

3) Observing the Ordinances - Baptism & the Lord's Supper are the two ordinances given to the church to participate in.  Every week we partake in the Lord's Supper and throughout the year we celebrate the baptism of individuals who have received new life through Christ Jesus.

4) Generous Giving - We worship a generous God who gives us grace upon grace.  We also seek to be a generous people who give our finances, time, energy, and other resources for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God through supporting our local church, our city, and church planting efforts elsewhere.

When we Scatter, our worship involves…

1) Gospel Communities - A Gospel Community is more than a small group (but not less than one).  Our Gospel Communities gather weekly to apply the sermons and seek to live in authentic, Biblical community that challenges and encourages each person to grow in following Jesus.  These groups are about more than existing primarily for ourselves and instead seek to engage the lost as part of our mission.  Gospel Communities are not just based on our season of life but who we are in Jesus.

2) Missional Living - God has called us to be witnesses to the greatness of the Gospel and to make disciples who make disciples. Because of the presence of the Holy Spirit within us, everywhere we go is now the mission field.  Our schools, jobs, neighborhoods, restaurants, stores...all are pathways for us to reach the lost with the grace found in Jesus Christ. We seek to intentionally build relationships with lost friends who we long to see come to Christ.

3) Cultural Engagement - Not only are we stewards of the Gospel message, but God has placed us in our city to be a blessing to the city itself.  We are passionate about seeing Gospel Renewal in the areas of society such as arts, education, government, social services, healthcare, and family.  We believe there is no such thing as a ‘secular/sacred’ divide. Jesus is Lord over all, and we want to see his glory displayed through the engagement of culture-specific issues approached with Gospel truth & love.