Welcome to Fellowship


Welcome to Fellowship

GRace Changes Everything.

Sunday Mornings

We gather weekly to encounter the presence of God and to edify one another.  We do this through passionate singing, liturgical prayers/readings, biblical preaching, generous giving, and humbly partaking of the Lord's Supper as a local church.

  • When : 10am
  • Where : 1801 Woodsprings Rd
  • Environment : Casual Contemporary 

during the week

We scatter to fill our city with the presence of God. Our Gospel Communities are small groups that meet throughout the week in various locations. They seek to apply the Gospel, deepen our relationships, and fulfill the mission to make disciples who make disciples.



Who We Are

For god, for people, for jonesboro, for the world

Who We Are

For god, for people, for jonesboro, for the world


At Fellowship, our vision and our mission as a church comes from our Commission. Our commission flows from the Great Commission, which Jesus gives believers in Matthew 28, and is uniquely expressed in our context here at Fellowship, in our city, for our time. 

The five core convictions that make up our Commission, form our identity as a church, our plan for personal action individually, and our heart for Gospel Renewal in our city. 

These are the core convictions of the Commission of Fellowship Jonesboro.

Grace Changes Everything - Grace has a name, and His name is Jesus. Grace changes how we relate to God, see ourselves, and love the world. We believe Grace is big enough to change our city.

Love is our Highest Calling - We love because God first loved us. Because we have been loved extravagantly, we want to extravagantly love without distinctions and without conditions. 

People Matter to God - Because all people were created by God, all people matter to God. Every person has a story and every story matters to God. 

We All Have a Part to Play - We believe it is vital for every person to use their gifts and creativity for us to accomplish our mission as the church. Each one of us is needed. The church is to be the home of the deepest relationships, and the source of the greatest hope to the world. We all have a part to play.

God is Making Everything New - We believe the good news of Jesus addresses every form of brokenness in our city, so we: Pursue and Celebrate Racial Diversity, Labor for every orphan to find a home, actively care for the poor, and fight injustice in our city and the world.

Our Strategy

We want to see disciples making disciples, churches planting churches, and the establishment of strategic partnerships with like-minded churches for the advancement of the Gospel.

Our Values


"Gospel-centered" refers to the Biblical philosophy of ministry that keeps the gospel message at the center of all ministry, whether to believers or unbelievers. Belief in the gospel is the means by which we enter God’s kingdom; and it is also the means by which we make all progress in the kingdom. The good news of the gospel - that we can be saved from the wrath of God - contains both the power and motivation for salvation, and everything within salvation.


We are convinced that God calls us to be an outward-focused mission agency (both locally and globally); and that he intends all believers to be fishers of men. God has called us to specifically equip and inspire their members to win people to Christ. We also desire our church community to be on mission more broadly by way of social justice initiatives and church planting.


Because Jesus himself made disciples and commissioned all believers to make disciples, our goal is for every believer to become a disciple-making disciple. We desire to be disciples who actively make disciple-making disciples who know, love and obey Jesus. Courses and tools might help, but discipleship happens via intentional relationships, as well as via Gospel Communities that prioritize this.


We believe God has called us as a church to be in eager and intelligent pursuit of the presence and power of God's Spirit, as mentioned in the Bible. We believe that all believers should heed the Biblical call to be filled with the Spirit, and remain filled, throughout their lives.


Other Shaping Values

- Enjoying God’s grace and sovereignty

- Encouraging faith-filled exploits

- Prioritizing and preaching the Bible

- Worshipping whole-heartedly

- Prioritizing prayer

- Elder led and congregational informed 

- Cultivating a family culture

- Celebrating diversity

- Nurturing a healthy home-life

- Excelling in financial generosity

- Observing believers' baptism and communion

- Modelling servant-leadership

- Pursuing societal renewal

- Loving mercy and doing justice

- Honoring other churches

- Meaningful wider partnership


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Let us know how we might serve you.

Contact Us

Let us know how we might serve you.

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Lead Pastor: Chad Rogers


Worship & Student Pastor: Aaron King


CHILDREN's Director: BRITinni Mcduff




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