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The people of Haiti are a vibrant, beautiful people. Their land is filled with beautiful mountains juxtaposed against the tranquil beaches of the Caribbean. Haiti is also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Due to the ravages of colonialism, corrupt government, and frequent natural disasters, the Haitian people suffer from some of the worst poverty in the world. The spiritual climate in much of the island is darkened by Voodoo practices that are ingrained in generations of Haitians. 

The Church in Haiti is a thriving, passionate community of God that is seeking to change Haiti through the power of the Gospel. Regularly people are renouncing Voodoo and following Jesus, people are being healed in Jesus name, and the Church is advancing.

Fellowship Jonesboro as a local church is committed to partnering with the Haitian Church in support and love. We are currently taking yearly trips to Haiti in partnership with SMI Haiti a Christian Mission Organization operating in Haiti for over 20 years. 

We are excited for what God is doing in Haiti, and invite you to join a team, pray, and give to our beautiful Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ, and the work of the Church in Haiti.



Upcoming Trips

Haiti 2018 Mission Trip
Dates: July 6-13th, 2018
Cost: $1500