What is the goal of worship through song?

Our goal is to usher the people into encountering the real Jesus. 

What is our Worship Culture?

The foundation of our worship culture is Jesus alone. He is the bedrock and cornerstone upon which everything in the local church is established. Styles, methods, and cultures change, but the foundation of Jesus Christ will never shift, be re-evaluated, or stylized for changing times.

This is our goal, to lead others to heartfelt worship with our life, hands, and heart of Christ Jesus our redeemer. If we do not start with Christ and the finished work of Jesus we will not have started on a firm foundation. With Christ as the firm foundation of our lives, and our worship in song, here are three ways we want to characterize our team. From the songs we sing, the way we sing them, how we serve in view of others, hidden from others, and in all aspects, we desire to serve one another and our congregation with content that is full of Christ-Centered Theology, Mission, and Spirit-Filled Expression.


Christ-Centered Theology, because we’re all theologians, the only question is are we good ones or bad ones. We must center our Theology on the Word of God. God seeks worshippers who will worship "in Spirit and in Truth' (John 4) God delights in our joy in worship as well as hearing the gospel of Christ proclaimed explicitly and faithfully. The core Christian worship is rooted in our understanding of God. If worship is our “...full-life response- head, heart, and hands, to who God is and what he has done”, then we are responsible as overseers of our flock to lead our people not only to worship the Lord in Spirit, but also in Truth (John 4) The songs we sing follow natural rhythms of being reminded of God’s truth through Revelation, and react  to His Spirit in Response. 


Mission, because God has not raised us up out of the pit of our sin to sit idly amongst those who are like us, think like us, and believe like us, but through the power of the Holy Spirit to push back darkness in our hearts and our city. Piper says “Missions exists because Worship doesn’t” We desire to see people move from death to life by the power of the Spirit and the finished work of Jesus on the Cross, so that they may join creation in worship and praise for the Creator God. Our worship through song should communicate the mission God has given to His people of being  "a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9)


Spirit-Filled Expression, because when something truly effects you, people around you can’t help but notice. On my wedding day, people couldn’t help but notice my excitement at being united with my wife, Erin. It was written on my countenance the whole day. When we worship through song, no matter if we are on stage or in the back behind a board, our expression speaks volumes more than our skill, practice, and even our words. This is something that for many of us who come from more stoic or reserved worship contexts, can be difficult. I encourage you to worship through song privately  throughout the week, and let your natural responses in the Spirit to God carry over into your responses on Sundays. Our gathering and singing on Sundays and other times must be filled with Spirit and Truth, otherwise all of our melodies and songs will (Amos 5:21-24) The Bible is our authority on how to response and express in worship Some of us are just unaware of what Scripture says about clapping, singing, bowing, kneeling, lifting hands, shouting, playing instruments, dancing, and standing in awe. These are all responses that are encouraged and modeled throughout Scripture.

Being expressive in worship starts with a prayer of simply asking God to do a work in your own heart that your worship response may be true and genuine and that it would show through your physical posture and countenance.

If you are interested in serving on any of our worship or creative Teams contact Aaron at aaron@fellowshipjonesboro.com