Each Sunday we gather as the church to celebrate our hero—Jesus.

  1. We CELEBRATE Jesus through singing.
  2. We HEAR from Jesus through His Word.
  3. We RESPOND to Jesus through singing, communion, baptism, or sharing.
  4. We GO FOLLOW Jesus in our everyday lives as we leave the gathering.

A Typical Sunday Environment

  • Gospel-centered preaching motivated by Jesus’ good news (usually through a book of the Bible)
  • A welcoming environment to explore the claims of Christ without feeling like an outsider
  • Casual dress
  • Deep, Christ-exalting, contemporary worship through music
  • Ordinary people learning to BE the church for one another and our city (young families, college adults, empty-nesters, singles, in all walks of life)
  • One single hero, Jesus Christ


How To Connect

  1. Get connected with a Missional Community
  2. Attend a brief Connections Lunch
  3. Attend a Membership Class. 

To take advantage of any of these opportunities, just get in touch with us via our Contact Us form