We at Fellowship Jonesboro desire to love Jonesboro and serve it well. Our city needs Gospel renewal. The people need Jesus. He alone can meet the darkness in our city and bring light. He can break down barriers of division and heal socio-economic, racial, and spiritual divides that have been present for decades.

Here are some practical ways we as a church love our city with the Gospel.

Church-wide Outreach Events

Throughout the year we will participate in outreach events to serve our city. From Fellowship Sports Academy, which seeks to engage kids with the Gospel through non-tradidational sports, to "A Night To Shine" a prom night experience for special needs people, we desire to be in our city, serving it with the Gospel.

Gospel Community Outreach

Our weekly Gospel Community groups all participate in local outreach partnerships. This allows us as a church to serve regularly on a smaller level around the city, develop local partnerships, and be ministers of the Gospel, together.

City Pride & Involvement

Whether for life or for a season, God has brought each of us to Jonesboro to be ministers of the Gospel. We desire to be involved in our city, rather than detached. We commit to love and speak well of our city and the ways God is moving in it. We will seek the welfare of the city God has places us in, and be involved and engaged in it, so the name of Jesus will be made known in Jonesboro!