At Fellowship, we love kids!  Our goal is to begin planting the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of kids from an early age.  This is often the kindling that God uses to ignite their faith at a later age.  

We have age-specific classes from Infants through 5th grade each week that are equipped with some of the most fun & loving teachers you've ever met.  1st-5th graders join us for the first part of our worship service in the sanctuary before being dismissed to their classes.  All of our teachers are interviewed and pass a background check before they are accepted as volunteers.  They seek to serve you and your kids as they teach the truths of Scripture through fun activities & games, bible study, and a time of worship. If you have questions about Fellowship Kids or would like to Volunteer as a teacher, please email Britinni Mcduff at

Check your kids in each Sunday before service in our Fellowship Kids Area